Thando und Vuyo berichten von ihrer Zeit in Deutschland


Seit Ende Februar vervollständigen Thando Gama (22) und Vuyisile „Vuyo“ Mtimkulu (20) aus Südafrika das Tagwerk-Team in Bonn. Für drei Monate arbeiten die beiden im Büro mit und sind bei den Infomobil-Besuchen in NRW dabei. Hier berichten sie von ihren Erfahrungen in Deutschland:

Hello, we are Thando (22) and Vuyo (20), two scouts from the Mpumalanga Province in South Africa.
We had a good flight to Germany and we were welcomed with warm hands by the Aktion Tagwerk office team and our first hostfamily. In our first week in Germany we went sightseeing in Bonn and also to Köln to see the beautiful city. Together with the Aktion Tagwerk team we are visiting different kinds of schools in Nordrhein-Westfalia to do presentations about Aktion Tagwerk and Africa for different groups of all ages. But we are also in the office in Bonn. Amazing were the responds from the kids to our presentations. They took pictures with us and they came back after the presentation to thank us for what we showed them, laugh together and even got some lessons on how to breakdance from the kids.

We are very happy to be here because we learn new things. Especially because we are in a foreign continent for the first time and it is a good experience to us. And we are also able to show our lovely German colleague how we do things in South Africa. To us one of the most interesting experience was the contact with snow for the first time. Because home in South Africa there is no snow in our area so we were able to feel it, touch it, play with it and because we never saw some in real life it was like a dream.

During the easter holiday we had an international scout camp in Rieneck and spend time with our host family. We are happy the cold is gone and the sun is coming out. We went swimming and on a boat trip.

Beginning of April we joined the press conference and met the minister of education, Mrs. Löhrmann. We teached her the eady step of gumboots dance. It was good. The funny thing: We never meet a South African Minister, but now we met a German one.

In April we’ve also been on Infomobil-tour in Münsterland. We never saw so many bicycles as in Münster and have been in a traffic jam of bicycles for the first time in our lives. During the week we visited fife different typs of schools. One was a school for handicapped kids. We liked how things were done there. For example there were young people who helped for free.